Emscherkunst 2016 – “Discover the art – experience the change” – Coking Plant Hansa

The coking plant Hansa was an important part of the Dortmunder coal, iron and steel production. Operating since 1928, in the 1990ies, the plant was finally shut down and declared a historic monument. During 100 days Emscherkunst you’ll find some artworks on the grounds and within walking distance along the river Emscher. 053.JPGAs the plant itself is a walkable large-scale sculpture, you can explore it on an adventure trail that leads from the former pithead baths, with the video installation „Schlagende Wetter (“firedamp explosion”) by M+M, via the compressor hall, where the big old machines still could be seen, to the wooden quenching tower. Near the tower you’ll find the third scupture of „The Spirits 067aof the Emscher Valley“ by artist duo Lucy + Jorge Orta. „Beobachter“ (Observer) in a settling basin. The „Schutzhelme“ (safety-helmets) of Sujin Do, which are situated in the former coal bunker are to be seen on payment of a fee by a guided tour only. Three subway stops away Berlin based atelier le balto transforms a big, overgrown hazel nut grove close to an motorway feeder into a walkable, green 020.JPGplatform close to the Emscher river. The space around and inside of the hazel nut grove was cultivated with native plants, but also enhanced by some exotic plants. The platform that integrates itself island-like is accessible via gangplanks. Located just a stone’s throw away you’ll find „Zur kleinen Weile“ of Berlin based artist and architect collective raumlabor. Located 030.JPGbetween the bike path and the renaturized Emscher river, the sculpture offers an entrance. The inside shines golden and offers light, and warmth or chill, and shelter.

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