Pretty Portal shows „Sweet Ash“ group show with SAM3, LIMOW, LIQUEN, HYURO, Daniel Munoz, JEICE2 AND ARIS

Actually, one does not need a special reason to visit Düsseldorf Bilk as streetart is ubiquitously present there. You don’t have to walk that much. Leaving the station Bilk S and crossing the street may take some time to appreciate all those stickers, tiles, stencils and paste-ups there. 166a.jpgThe platform of the station and the underpass is a streetart hot spot. Nearby you’ll find some attractions as a Mural of Farbfieber at Merowingerstraße 4. It was painted 2007 by Klaus Klinger and others. Brause at Bilker Allee 233 is in love with stickers. This „cultural association“ is  more a living room than a culture centre and situated in a former petrol station. Have a closer look at their  sticker wall and the surrounding garage gates which are wallpapered with L.E.T. and JANA & JS paste-ups. Cafes, Pubs, Parks and shopping malls are playgrounds for street artists and each visit you’ll find something new. Anyway, the occasion of this day’s visit in Bilk was a group show of a number of Spain or Spain based urban artists. Platform for this exhibition is the Gallery Pretty Portal at Brunnenstraße 12. Gallery owner Klaus Rosskothen let artist SAM3 curate the group exhibition with the participants, LIQEN, LIMOW, HYURO, Daniel Muñoz, JEICE2 and ARIS. Those works are complex and Galerie Pretty Portal; "Sweet Ash"; SAM3surrealist, intriguing and mysterious, figurative and abstract and mostly monochrome and black and white, often combining human figures with the animal world. The show is on view at Pretty Portal Gallery in Dusseldorf, from June 17 to July 15, 2016.

More images -> here

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