44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „UNLIMITED“ Solo Show Luis Seven Martins aka L7M (Brazil)

Many’s the time I’ve said it and I cannot repeat it often enough: Dortmund’s amazing! With all my lack of interest in soccer’s European championship and Public Viewing, Dortmund offers a pleasent counterweight for art lovers and sport phobics. Yeeha – It’s Emscherkunst-time in Dortmund and a lot to do far away from soccer! 001.JPGThere was an exhibition of a Bazilian street artist on my schedule for this day and as my favorite gallery opens in the afternoon, there was time enough to have a look around Dortmunder U which forms the middle of the exhibition area. The bike station in front of the U is an optimal starting point for the Emscherkunst excursions. There is an exhibition at the f118.JPGirst floor that gives background information to artists and their artworks and there are a lot of  historic and up-to-date pictures of the Emscher Region. Unionviertel is always worth a walk. Not only for all the murals that have been initiated by 44309 Streetart Gallery over the time. The small things I like the most. All those graffiti, stickers, stencils, paste-ups Kachel; 183 "LOVE HAS NO SEX"  x STRIPED GUYSand – difficult to discover – STRIPED GUYS. Whenever I explore the neighbourhood, I have a lot of fun to find new of those guys which are often placed in context with the urban environment. It’s easy to kill the time in this quarter and to find someting tasty to fill your stomach is easy too. The way to my heart is through street art and my stomach; Unionviertel never disappointed me. After 44309 Street Art Gallery; UNLIMITED; Solo Show L7M (BR)Lunch the gallery was open. Luis Seven Martins aka L7M is a Brazilian street artist. His street name stands for the seventh letter that corresponds to the first letter of his middle name, and M and L are there for his first and last name. Born 1988 in the countryside near Sao Paulo he started as graffiti writer; it was at the age of thirteen when he first picked up a spray can. He 105a.JPGmixed spray with china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic, anything and everything to generate the chaos his artwork portrays. Besides being a full time artist, L7M works independently. He describes his style “Everything generates the chaos, from the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized.”

More pictures you’ll find -> here

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