Gallery 30works shows „Heavy Metal“ – Solo Show Thomas Baumgärtel aka DER BANANENSPRAYER

Heavy Metal normally is not my taste. Too hard, too shrill and much too loud! Using metal as canvas in an artistic process is strange. Those surfaces are distant and cold but to use metal in street art is already a tradition since the beginning of this artistic movement in the 1980ies. In absence of other carriers street artists often are forced to look for alternative painting undergrounds. Besides concrete they often use traffic signs, train wagons or metal doors for their graffiti, stencils and paste-ups. Thomas Baumgärtels show leads back to this roots.

147.JPGMy absolute favourite is „Totentanz der Künstler“ (Dance of Death). Painted on the doors of an abandoned production facility, skeletons swing paintbrushes and spray cans; an allusion to the condition of the art maket?

Appetite for more pictures? Look here

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