Archiv für den Monat Juni 2016

44309 STREET//ART GALLERY shows „UNLIMITED“ Solo Show Luis Seven Martins aka L7M (Brazil)

Many’s the time I’ve said it and I cannot repeat it often enough: Dortmund’s amazing! With all my lack of interest in soccer’s European championship and Public Viewing, Dortmund offers a pleasent counterweight for art lovers and sport phobics. Yeeha – It’s Emscherkunst-time in Dortmund and a lot to do far away from soccer!

Emscherkunst 2016 – “Discover the art – experience the change” – Phoenixsee

Until recently I only knew Phoenixsee from my favorite crime series „Tatort“. One of the settings of this movies is Dortmund. The investigation team there had to solve a case around the lake. That wasn’t that much spectacular and I forgot the lake until I saw the program of Emscherkunst 2016 and learned that Phoenixsee […]

Gallery 30works shows „Heavy Metal“ – Solo Show Thomas Baumgärtel aka DER BANANENSPRAYER

Heavy Metal normally is not my taste. Too hard, too shrill and much too loud! Using metal as canvas in an artistic process is strange. Those surfaces are distant and cold but to use metal in street art is already a tradition since the beginning of this artistic movement in the 1980ies. In absence of […]

TRAUMZEIT – Festival am Hochofen

For years a fixed date on my schedule: a festival of a special kind since nearly 20 years. Far from over – todays highlights are yet to come and here they are – my yesterdays favorites: I HAVE A TRIBE, MILLIARDEN and last but not least MATT SIMONS.