Nordsternpark – Always Worth a Visit

Gelsenkirchen’s Nordsternpark is one of the locations I use to visit frequently and this for a number of reasons. The old coal mine „Nordstern“ was closed 1993 after a 130-year history of coal production. A commercial area with more than 1,000 new jobs was created and – as a legacy of the Federal Garden Show 1997 – a Landscape Park. This park has to offer several attractions, something for everyone.

012.JPGWhenever you are there and however the weather conditions are, don’t miss to have a look around from an elevated position. To go up Nordsternturm and let your eye wander over the surrounding land from 87 meters is a must! On top of the tower „The Hercules of Gelsenkirchen“, specifically created for this place by Marcus Lüpertz, 106.JPGwho is one of the most important sculptors in the present, will keep you company. The park has much else to offer, but my main focus whenever I’m there is the gaffiti wall alongside the canal. This wall is the setting for the annual „Pott Wall Graffiti Jam“, but it is a Graffiti Hall of Fame which is always worth a look. I’m always curious about this wall and the pie040ces I’ll meet there. This time in particular I noticed a wall filled with stencils. Some of the pieces were signed with COMCHA, others were unsigned. I am curious if I’ll find this signature somewhere again later.

The pictures I’ve taken at this walk please find here


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