A so called Street-Art Festival and a Highlight at Adlerstraße

My brother in law, who knows about my streetart enthusiasm, called me to tell me about a streetart festival in Dortmund, I had heard nothing yet of. Next day I ran like a streak, as Dortmund is one of my favorite destinations in my region. The keyword „in a shopping mall“ should have warned me in advance, but I have to admit, what happened then, I was not prepared for. 003.JPGExcited about what awaited me, I started to take pictures unsuspectingly, as I was stopped by a man who had taken pictures and has made acquaintance with the mall’s security. They demanded that he had to delete his photos and then contact the mall management to get a Photo permission. I was reminded to the long gone time of the GDR! OK; they are holders of the domestic authority and so they define the rules! I was curious how long it would take to get Thier-Galerie; Streetart Festival; 3D-Bodenmalereisuch a permit. If I had known before about the quality of this so called „Festival“ I wouldn’t have wasted my time with that permission. What can you even expect when urban art is used for promotion purposes? Good public relations and sales promotion do not always have to be expensive – as was shown here. I left the mall hastily. To drive home so dissatisfied is not my style. So I walked to Unionviertel to end the day with a positive experience. I walked down Adlerstraße and everything was fine. I found some new STRIPED GUYS and a new piece at the backyard of Adlerstraße 59, some new tiles of 183 and stencils of an artist unknown to me. Unionviertel is a  district that is always good for a 44309 Street Art Gallery; Luis Seven Martins aka L7m  (BR); May 2016surprise.  At a wall of an old school currently sheltering refugees from Syria and other countries, I stumbled over a humming-bird freshly painted by L7M. One more coup of 44309 Street Art Gallery. It reminded me not to miss the upcoming solo show of L7M in the gallery from June 18th until July 23rd. That made me feel much better and in good mood I walked home.

The pictures I have taken at this walk you’ll find here



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  1. […] afar a wall in pink colours attracted my attention and at first I thought that it must be the L7M hummingbird at a shelter for refugees in Adlerstraße, but nearing I found, that there was added a new piece by […]

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