Christel Lechner’s „Everyday People“ Pay Rees a Flying Visit

200.JPGThe first encounter with one of Christel Lechner’s „Everyday People“ I had in Wuppertal 2015. An unusual Sculpture of a bald man with a newspaper stood unexpectedly at the banks of the Wupper below the overhead railway. I had become curious, so I tried to find out more about this sculpture and as the internet knows everything, Christel Lechner and her „Everyday People“ were just a few mouse 158.JPGclicks away. Her homepage had the dates of the upcoming installations in Telgte and Rheda-Wiedenbrück and of course I went there, I was hopelessly hooked. The installations in these two small-towns were very nice and that leads me in direct line to this year’s event Christel Lechner’s „Everyday People“ in Rees. Those concrete 189bsculptures put a smile on the faces of passers who seem to find something of themseves and can identify with those „Everyday People“. Figures in everyday situations but model dimensions and wrinkle-free faces aren’t the basic features of the types shown, just as fashion consciousness (to put it mildly). With her „Everyday People“ Christel Lechner opposes deliberately the widespread obsession with beauty. Not nice but also not ugly, a little bit eccentric and fun-loving and always dignified. Did I say that I love them?









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