4 Days of Munich – Part IV

That’s gone quickly – Friday and day of departue! If there will be a Stroke next year I’ll stay until it ends. I didn’t expect that much and Saturday and Sunday there will be much more to come! 1089.JPGMy train departed at 3 pm, so there was only a small time window for another visit of Stroke Art Fair, which opened at 12 am. So my decision was to have a look at Kultfabrik, I had already heard quite a bit about. The site once was the production site of „Pfanni“, a German food manufacturer founded 1949 in Munich. After the company moved to Eastern Germany the Kultfabrik was founded to LOOMIT x HNRXprovide events mainly for younger people. Once there I forgot my time window for Stroke and stayed – I don’t regret! This walls are the playgrounds of LOOMIT. You’ll find his pieces and a lot of collaborations with other cracks of the scene as HNRX, OS GEMEOS, MONSTA, EAZY and a lot of others…

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