4 Days of Munich – Part III

The early bird catches the worm. I tend to get up early, and as Stroke Live-Painting wasCandidplatz; Streetart-Projekt "Brücken schlagen; HERAKUT annonced to start on „High Noon“ there was a lot of time in the morning to have one more look at another legal wall and make a stroll along the banks of the Isar. I had to take an urban train to Candidplatz and change there to a bus to Brudermühlbrücke. Emerging from the lower level it happened that I had a „Heureka“ Moment as there were a number of bridge pillars designed by national and international street art cracks as HERAKUT, L.E.T., CASE and others. Once Brudermühlbrückecurious I looked around and found HNRX at work at a wall nearby. He invited me to visit his upcoming solo show. After that I took the bus, curious what would come next. Brudermühlbrücke appears to be an open air gallery and since 1996 the pillars are designed within the project „Isart“ several times a year by local graffiti artists. I reached Praterinsel as Live-Painting was already started and the first results were already very promising. Stroke 2016; Live-Painting; PIPSQUEAK WAS HEREPIPSQUEAK WAS HERE had painted a tremendous gorilla protecting a little girl, the guys of A7MA showed their  different styles and not to forget FRANCISCO BOSOLETTI who painted one of his extraordinary women’s portraits. I finished the day with a broad grin on my face and on my way to my hotel I met a lot of singing people with funny decorated hand carts, merry with beer and I realized that it was Father’s Day.

The pictures of this day you’ll find here


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