4 Days of Munich – Part II

This day was going to be a very long day as Stroke Art Fair opened its doors at 7 pm. What shall we do in the meantime?

209.JPGWhen you are in Munich for an urban art fair and you learn by the way that there is a BANKSY exhibition in one of Munich’s numerous galleries, you cannot miss this chance, whatever the cost! BANKSY WHO??? That gets it to the point. No one knows who he/she/it/they is/are, but not only in urban art scene no one can walk past this pieces unmoved. They combine a deep-dark humour with graffiti, executed in a perfected stenciling technique. My favorite idea is that it is an artists collective, but who the hell knows exactly? BANKSY Exhibitions are rare and „Banksy – King of Urban Art“ at Galerie Kronsbein features 45 works, including „Choose Your Weapon“ of a man in a hoodie with artist Keith Haring’s barking dog. As the gallery’s opening times are in the late morning, I begun my day with a legal wall at 171.JPGTumblingerstraße and „Alter Viehhof“. Unfortunately there was a building site and I was expelled from the area by the security before I could take a closer look. After all I could take a glimpse at the residues of „Deadline Urban Art Festival 2016“ with walls of SHOGUN, DYSET, VIA GRAFIK, ES.MACHT and BOND TRULUV and at Tumblingersraße I met the first time a piece of HNRX, an artist I should happen to meet next day at a wall near 338Candidplatz. After the flop at „Alter Viehof“ I took a tram to Maxmonument and then make a walk along the Isar to Luitpoldbrücke and Friedensengel, were the underpass was designed by LOOMIT and friends in 2012. After a light bavarian lunch in an open air pub near Muffathalle and a siesta I was ready for Stroke Art Fair. As Live-Painting was announced for the next day, there was time enough to have a long look at the location Praterinsel. 917Musical entertainment was provided by „The Capitols“ and the factory buildings of a former distillery were packed with urban art. I was little surprised to find one of my favorite galleries, Pretty Portal (Düsseldorf). The discovery of this evening for me was the artist PXRN. His acrylic works convince with wicked humor and ironic / sarcastic contents. It needs no further explanation to understand his work.

The pictures of the 2nd day you’ll find here.





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