4 Days of Munich – Part I

Do you now Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong generally does go wrong sooner or later. I love travelling by train if everything goes right. Choose your train, make a reservation for a seat, be at the station in time, hop on and relax – at least in theory – if not Murphy comes into play. Then you have to pray that it does not get too worse. Mostly it’s useless! 20 minutes delay is not so bad but suggests technical problems. This time it was wagon 25 that was missing without replacement, which means a lot of moody passengers with seat reservations but no seats. Not to mention all those passemgers hopping on a train spontaneously without reservation but with two infants in buggies. Bistro closed out of stock – no coffee! No problem – lavatories are out of order anyway. Annoid conductor – poor boy with a bitch of a job and passengers without understanding the situation. 12:30 pm, thank heaven Munich! Ready to go – more than ready!

011.JPGTo fill the afternoon was easy as could be. The problem was to decide what to do. There was a BANKSY exhibition at Gallery Kronsbein and a number of legal walls to visit. The weather pulled in the beer gardens not to forget the exhibition of an Argentinian street artist in Gallery Art:ig. In addition this artist was announced to be one of the live-painting artists at Stroke Art Fair, which was the occasion of my visit in Munich. So I made my decision for 036a.JPGGalerie Art:ig and FRANCISCO BOSOLETTI as it was easy to reach without a great loss of time by tram. But as ever, it was not as easy as I thought! I had to hop off the tram before reaching the gallery, when I passed a green painted wall with some well known TONA pieces. At least the exhibition turned out to be a first highlight of this journey. This 28 years old young man graduated at the age of 22 years from Illustration and Graphic art school in the city of Rosario and started working in an advertising agency. During a trip to Europe he realized he could make a living from his drawings and after the return to his hometown, he joined the local street art scene and is now the „rising star“ of the international street art scene. As I wandered through the exhibition, I permanently heard Tango in the background of my mind.

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