There is Gold on Cologne’s Streets

This excursion is a direct impact of my Hamburg trip a week ago. And that’s how it happened: I strolled up and down St. Pauli on my way to Landungsbrücken (do you remember these  calamities with my harbour cruise?) and came across a piece of SEI LEISE. He showed up on my radar for the first time last year as organiser of the exhibition „Straßengold „ within CityLeaks Festival. In order to find out more about his Hamburg trip, I visited his homepage. The first I saw was a notification of „Straßengold 2016“. Oh WOW! This is running for a week only and starts today! So, don’t hesitate and go go GO! As in 2015, the location of the exhibition was Kulturbunker Köln Mülheim, and as the participating artists had left traces at several places, it was easy to find this years additions. I started at Mülheimer Brücke first. Mülheimer Brücke; LIEB SEIN et al.

Mülheim Bridge is a suspension bridge on the river Rhine and was originally completed in 1929. It connects the city district Riehl on the west side of the river with Mülheim on the east side, after which the bridge is named. In the second half of the year 2016 the bridge shall be repaired and reinforced. That is why the premises below the Hall Of Fame Mützeroadways are left since a long time. Street artists use the walls as their playgrounds now. The next location is a legal wall near Kulturbunker, called MüTZe. It is situated at Berlinerstrasse 77 and JOINY and MRSED have left pieces there. Another location not far away is Carlswerkstraße, which is worth a visit at any time. For my next visit in Cologne a must! For this time my day was finished Carlswerkstraßewith the exhibition. Many of those artists who participated last year, showed their new works and I was very pleased to find some artists well known to me from Düsseldorf, as PQUS and SERGEI KRAVINOFF THE HUNTER. The exhibition follows the idea to make street art perceptible in its immediate action space, the streets. I hope that there will be a new edition next year.


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