3 Days of Hamburg – Part III – St. Pauli

I started my 3rd day in Hamburg with good intentions for a harbour cruise. The plan was to drift through the day and be washed up on Landungsbrücken in the afternoon, were all those harbour cruises start. 385.JPGI left my hotel and passed Dom and Karolinenviertel. My first stop was Millerntor Stadium, home of FC St. Pauli and Millerntor Gallery which is an annual international art, music and cultural festival initiated by Viva con Agua. VCA is a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. 2014 the facade of the stadium was designed by REBELZERLOW BROS and JR, so I was eager to see, what has happened during the last Millerntor Gallery Festival. I found out that two international renowned street artists CASE and HERAKUT had left their traces. 1449.JPGThen I went up Budapester Straße and payed a visit to Schilleroper. The building was erected 1889 – 1891 for Circus Busch, but the circus moved 1899 to a new building near Reeperbahn. Then Schiller Oper was rebuilt in 1904 to a theater but after the beginning of World War II theater operations were stopped. After the war the building went through stations as hotel, shelter, warehouse and club, and while street riots were fought for „Rote Flora“, only a stone’s throw away, Schiller Oper fell into a deep 1484.JPGsleep. Today the building and the surrounding environment serves as playgrounds for street artists. SPÄM, LIEB SEIN, MARSHAL ARTS and MAENS seem to be at home here; not the worst use in my opinion. Following Lerchenstieg, Bernstorffstraße and Stresemannstraße I met some Styro-Cuts by ZIPPER DIE RAKETE and PUSH and following Wohlers Allee to Thadenstraße and Wohlwillstraße up to Bleicherstraße I got lost and was quite OZ; Zipper die Rakete by PUSHdizzy of all those paste-ups, stencils, graffiti and painted facades. I enjoyed it to the fullest, but Reeperbahn was far away and above all my harbour cruise! I thought it might be better to hurry up, but then came Hafenstraße and Parc Fiction and that was it with my harbour cruise for this time. After all I have passed a doorway with a smashing piece of ZEZÃO and I met Onkel Otto, which is a Pub at Balduintreppe. Modern ambience is not Onkel Ottoincluded in this house. Squatting and street fighting in the area next to the harbour made the Hafenstraße district  both famous and notorious. Onkel Otto was right in the middle and involved. Ok, I surrender. I take a beer and something against hunger and I don’t give a damn about the harbour cruise!

PS: The pictures I have taken at this walk please find here.


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  1. […] up and down St. Pauli on my way to Landungsbrücken (do you remember these  calamities with my harbour cruise?) and came across a piece of SEI LEISE. He showed up on my radar for the first time last year as […]


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