3 Days of Hamburg – Part II – Schanze

Lets go now, before it is again nothing. This time Schanzenviertel must not be missed! With good intentions I left my hotel towards Schanzenviertel. As I knew that I had to pass Karolinenviertel, Dom and Millerntor Gallery first, I promised myself to take a direct way and avoid loss of time by stopping and taking pictures. That was hard; I had to be very brave – a lot of street art crossed my way!

Millerntorstadion; Street Art School; Rindermarkthalle

I succeeded until I reached Rindermarkthalle, then a piece of JBCB, painted on a few overseas containers, took me out of this concept! I like this crew and in St.Pauli they’re on home territory. I just had to stop and start taking pictures. A young man stopped and asked with a bright smile in his face: „Have you been to Street Art School inside the Hall?“ Well – no idea what he was talking about, but I decided to check inside. The building was erected 1950/51 and was used as central cattle market of Hamburg. It was related to the 794.JPGslaughterhouse nearby and is a listed building. After reconstruction and renovating, it now is used as a covered weekly marketplace since September 2014. The signpost inside pointed out Street Art School to be at the first floor. An elevator opened its doors with friendly bleating and mooing, in memory of the thousands of animals that were once handled here. The first floor turned out to be the car park – that will be interesting. A closer look to the walls showed the Who’s Who of Hamburg street art 911.JPGscene and much more. Not bad for an early start of the day, but two hours were gone and still no Schanzenviertel! It was not far away anymore. Rindermarkthalle is part of St. Pauli and is situated on the edge of Schanzenviertel. You have to cross the street only and it depends on the direction of turn where you end. Karolinenviertel: take Marktstraße, Schanzenviertel: take Schlachthofpassage. For me not a difficult question. What can one say that has not already been said by another about 1160.JPGSchanzenviertel? The quarter is named by the defense „Sternschanze“ which was built in 1682. Plans to demolish the rundown buildings were stopped, as cheap housing for students were rare. Today the quarter is very poular as there are a lot of Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, Boutiques and not to forget the occupated  center of culture „Rote Flora“ a former stage theater. For me it is the most exciting quarter of Hamburg. You can find street art mostly along Schulterblatt, Rosenhofstraße and Susannenstraße. Don’t miss a closer look to doorways. driveways and backyards, most objects are placed here. „Rote Flora“ is literally wallpapered with street art. I ran back and forth, took hundreds of pictures and had fun for the rest of the day, but only scratched the surface. I fear I have to come back for more! SOON!




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