Essen Streetart at Marktkirche

Unbelievable! It feels like I have passed this spot hundred times in the last months and never noticed. This time I chose a different route as usual; changing the viewing angle brings new insights. You should leave the beaten paths more often!006.JPG

I don’t now how old this piece is, the mural reminds me in style of ADD ENTRY, but I can be wrong. It is situated at the backside of Marktkirche. And as an evidence can serve, that there are some old and very taken paste-ups of ADD ENTRY nearby. At the same corner you can find an old classic of DECYCLE  „Dosenmädchen“ (Can Girl) quasi as an encore.009a.JPG

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  1. […] redently I discovered a street art spot at Kettwiger Straße / Limbecker Straße. The backside of Marktkirche seems to develop to a new […]

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