Essen’s Northside

As I started with streetart in 2013, it was obvious to start with locations with a large concentration of this kind of Art. Graffiti very quickly got into my focus, I love the colors and the ideas transported this way. In Essen it was very easy to find the hot spots – the city has more than 10 legal walls or „Halls of Fame„. This designation says a lot about what graffiti is about: fame. To get information was easy and to find the walls too, but I had to learn, that pieces were often short-lived. So I started to document them photographically and frequently. Over the time I discovered that there was more Art in public space besides graffiti, more than I had expected. Other towns get into focus and as the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, I often was in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Duisburg and Dortmund, and I have to admit, the plans I had made to scan the L1060782.JPGlocal Halls of Fame get behind. Nevertheless I try to keep an overview and that brings me to the walk of this day. I started in the late morning and as my time was short I decided to stay in Essen this time and have a look at the local Hall of Fame in Altendorf, situated in the north west of Essen: Zollstraße. Altendorf first was mentioned in a document in 966, in the 16th century the first coal mine is documented and since the beginning of industrialization Altendorf was strongly influenced by the Krupp cast steel production site. The neighbourhood is one of the most densely populated districts of Essen and has a high share of non-German population. Short and sweet: If you like charcoal grills and high standard foreign cookery, in Altendorf you surely can find it. For me, this time lamb chops were not an option, my Rheinische Bahnaim of the day was to have a look at one more Hall of Fame in Borbeck and as the day was bright and blue I decided not to take a tram (as usual), but to walk to Borbeck. The former freight railway track of Rheinische Bahn was rebuilt to a bicycle path. You can start from the University district of the northern city and go to Mühlheim city limits on a widely branched network of bycicle paths. What a good  thing, that just off Zollstraße the track is accessible via a ramp. So I made my way to Borbeck and it’s Hall of Fame, not without making a stop at Borbecker Dampfbierbrauerei for a lunch break and one or two glasses of beer.

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