Open your eyes

I didn’t make plans for a walk this day, except to visit my haidresser and pick up some potatoes in the organic market. And as I had not planned to take any pictures, I didn’t meant to take my photography equipment with me. A bad error, as it turned out later. In the last resort, I always have my small pocket sized camera with me – for any eventuality. Better to take a picture in poor quality than having none at the end of the day!

I regularly pass the station Bismarckplatz by urban train. This station was renewed in 2013 and has got a new styling by a professional graffiti team „Farbwandel“. When I discovered IMG_0003.JPGmy new hobby, streetart, in 2013, this freshly painted location was among the first I took pictures of. As you can see: I know this station very well. So I was electrified to see in passing a piece of ADD ENTRY. Reason enough to leave the train and take a snapshot. What looked from the distance like a paste-up, turned out to be a stencil. I’m not sure anymore that the scratch marks are made by passers. Perhaps they are planned as fake and were part of the piece from the beginning. Who knows? After the hairdresser the organic market. On my way I had to pass the town center and met on my way a new animal, escaped from the zoo IMG_0011of SERGEI KRAVINOFF THE HUNTER. He uses adhesive foil to create a zoo of funny animals. When he is on the road, always a number of his creatures accompany him and they often escape out of his pockets and settle down on traffic signs, traffic lights or cable boxes. Normally his playground is Düsseldorf, but since last summer his animals increasingly pop up in Essen. One of his creatures, a walruss, incidentally was the reason, to have my pocket sized camera with me at any time. IMG_0079.JPGI saw that funny walruss, went home to come back an hour later with my camera, and that damn Walruss was gone! Since that day my small camara is always by my side. After my visit in the organic market I went home and as I chose an alternative route, I met a couple of chipmunks at a wall near home. These squirrels are the alter egos of SHIK and SHAD, both members of CVA. No matter how bad my mood is, those chipmunks can change it immediately with their positive attitude.


  • Even if you know a place very well, there is a chance to discover something new
  • Don’t leave home without your camera
  • You should open your eyes – and stuck your smartphone in your pocket


All pictures of this day please find here

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