A Magic Mountain and Guerilla Knitters

How are you? Are you afraid of heights and how is the condition of your flexors and extensors in legs and hips? How do you feel rising staircases, and I mean powerful big stairs; there is no elevator to make your climb easier at the device I’ll take you to. End of February; the year 2016 starts taking off. „Near and Far“ – 300 Years Port of Duisburg, that is the motto of this year’s cultural event in Duisburg. And as the city’s port district, Ruhrort, is the central stage of this birthday party, there is a lot to see and do in Ruhrort.

Ruhrorter StrickguerillaDuring my last visit in Duisburg, in 2014, I happened to meet this funny guy in Ruhrort. In order to find out something about it, I came across some articles about the „Ruhrort Guerilla Knitters“. This anonymous group is active with their spectacular feats in the port district only. In 2013, a small inconspicuous alley, which was unnamed, should be appointed as Horst-Schimanski-Gasse“, based on the very popular television commissioner Horst „Schimmy“ Schimansky, who enjoys cult status not only in Duisburg but all over Germany. Local polititians and residents  supported the idea, but the building authority said no. At that point, the local knitting guerilla waged their knitting needles and placed a street sign made of wool, to stand up for the name „Schimmi-Gasse“. As part of this year’s event „Duisburger Akzente“ there was the announcement of an exhibition of the „Ruhrort Knitting Guerilla“. So guide me to this exhibition, which was opened last Saturday. And as the opening hour was in the late afternoon, there was a lot of time to look around and discover Ruhrort’s old center, where the buildings date back to the 19th century. To fill the morning was 099easy as could be.  There is a spot that was on my agenda for a very long time; and that’s what brings me back to my intro – the stairs! In a ranking of the „Most Extreme Staircases“ this device probably will be in the first line. „Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain“ is a landmark and an art installation of a special kind. Modeled on a rollercoaster, the Angerpark; Ulrich Genth & Heike Mutter "Tiger & Turtle"large, 20m high sculpture is placed on a slap heap in Angerpark, situated in Duisburg-Angerhausen. With the exception of the loop, it is possible to walk the stairs when the weather permits it. An experience difficult to describe; you have to do it yourself! The pictures I have taken on this walk you can find here.





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