Dortmund’s Backyards – surprising and exciting

Dortmund, that is Beer, soccer and the BVB, Phoenix-Lake and U-Tower – and there are Nazi-Demos, run-down houses and a high unemployment too. The image of this city is very bad, but I think of this city with excitement. For me it is the sexiest city of NRW. Who wonders, I look at it from my own aspects, which are – I’m sure you guessed it – street art, particularly graffiti.

My favorite quarter currently is Union Quarter; not only for the U-Tower building, which was erected in 1926/27. It still is a landmark for Dortmund and NRW as well. In former d152.JPGays it was used as a production facility for beer but today it symbolizes structural change initiated by culture. In the immediate neighbourhood of the building there is 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY, which is an art gallery focussing on urban art. They are representing international artists and run between 6 and 8 shows per year. Whenever those guests are in town, they are set free to play the city; normally the playgrounds are nearby. Since 2013 a number of famous artists have designed walls and gables around the neighbourhood. My last visit in Dortmund (2015) was a bit frustrating. The brandnew mural, designed in 293.JPGApril 2015 by TELMO&MIEL  (NL) at Dorstelmannstraße 2, was almost completely concealed by a huge tree. What remained was to wait for winter. And this brought me back to Dortmund again last Wednesday. The best time to take pictures at that spot is the afternoon, and so I started my walk of this day at Dortmund’s Hall of Fame at Wambel.  Oh – by the way – I forgot, that in the morning the wall is backlighted. Bad conditions for good shots! But one by one: To find this Hall 139.JPGof Fame in Dortmund Wambel, take S4 to Unna and leave the train at „Knappschaftskrankenhaus“. Walk Talweg into the direction of Dortmund Körne. Don’t be astonished to find the sign of a scallop at the trees of the path. Talweg is part of the old pilgrim route Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James). I think the common pilgrim will nearly come to a heart attack while stumbling along this colourful path. I met a lot of new pieces and a number of well known 208.JPGgraffiti writers as KIBE and SHYE. A nice morning, blue skies and fresh paint; now it’s time for a light meal; let’s go to the hospitals cafeteria and then take tram U43 to Heinrichstraße. Dorstelmannstraße 2 and the gable designed by TELMO&MIEL await us. You cannot go wrong; follow Heinrichstraße or one of the roads running parallel – AND DON’T FORGET TO OPEN YOUR EYES! Have a look to the backyards, doorways and facades and have fun. You have to expect everything at every time. That was certainly not my last walk in Dortmund.

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  1. […] had already told that I am a fan of 44309 Street//Art Gallery in Dortmunds Unionviertel. In the immediate neighbourhood of the U-Tower building, they are focussing on urban art. The […]

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  2. […] After having a look at the TLP mural, my way down Lange Straße and Adlerstraße, to my favorite backyard at Adlerstraße 59, lead me to the first stencil of MOC, a masked  person, holding a sax like a […]

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