A short break in the Rain and the Park begins to sparkle

The last days were a test in patience. One rain front after the other chased through the city; no chance to leave the house. So I took the first chance to go out last saturday, when the sun came out for a while. I was unsure what to do and decided to go to Zeche Zollverein in the north of Essen, which is always a good recommandation, even in ugly weather. There are various things to do and see at Zollverein. Ruhr Museum always has spectacular exhibitions or you can participate a guided tour to get in sight the history of Zollverein, its prodZollverein; Doppelbock-Förderturmuction facilities and the path the coal took, when it was brought up from under ground. Zollverein is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. With 100 ha, distributed over the central shaft facilities of Zollverein XII, the Shafts 1/2/8 and the coking plant premises. Their motto is preservation through alteranative use. So I started without having a clear plan for the day. Already at my arrival I saw the poster that announced the day of the opened doors of PACT, one of Zollverein institutions. It is situated in the former pithead bath of shaft 1/2/8. Since it was founded in 2002, PACT Zollverein has positioned itself as an initiator, catalyst and venue for seminal developments in the fields of dance, performance, theatre, media and fine arts. This days program was made for children with a climbing parcours, a Hip-Hop-Dance workshop and „Magic Sergio“ with his magic performance. My highlight was „The Human Disco Bong“ of Belgian artist Pieterjan Ginckels. He produced reflections to the walls with spot- and headlines and countless rotating mirrors. The kids could bring their old bike helmets, which were pasted with small mirrors, they could take part of the installation with it..

Sunday morning brought heavy rain (what else) and no sunny intervals any more! But Thursday was blue and not grey any longer. A short break at least; the forecast said that there will be more rain ahead. And as the nice weather stayed until darkness, it was a good 067.JPGopportunity to have a look at Gruga Park, were a special event was announced. The Gruga Park includes a botanical garden with rare plants, an animal park and a spa; it developed from the Great Ruhr Landscape Gardening Exhibition in 1929 and now it is definitely the largest and most visited park in Essen. The special event I am talking of is „Parkleuchten“ an annually recurring event since seven years. Each nightfall from 5.2.- 13.3.2016 the park is illuminated by hundrets of LED’s. Spotlight and beamer projections make your walks  fairytale-like.



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