A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 3/3)

This day should have been the total climax of german street carnival. But storm „Ruzica“ spoils the fun, because most of the Rose Monday parades were cancelled for safety purposes. All those jesters have to celebrate this year in a bar. We, as carnival-teatotallers, are approaching the 3rd part of 2015, when the year picked up speed once more.

CityLeaks 2015; HENSE (USA); Clevischer Ring 170

In September 40° Urban Art Festival flew seamlessly into CityLeaks 2015. National and international artists visited Cologne and made it one of the leading Urban Art Festivals in Germany if not Europe-wide. There could be found large-scale murals as well as performances or installations. Most of the work was created on private facades and walls, and became the property of the owners once the festival was over. It was the third round of this festival and it presented a group show under the festival’s motto „The Town that doesn’t exist“. In cooperation with the festival there were exhibitions in 30works Gallery with renowned artists of urban art scene and the exhibition „Strassengold“ at Kulturbunker Köln Mülheim, where works of street artists were presented just like they could be found in the streets. Cologne remained a main theme for the rest of the year. But that’s not all what was going on in September: there was a smashing TIM BURTON exhibition in Brühl, which I had been brought to by an advertising poster in Cologne main station.

1362.JPGOctober was golden; I had traveled Berlin. WOW what a big city! Not easy to keep the overview. Street art scene is varied and hard to overlook in only one visit. I have to come back for much more, but where the hell should I start then? For this trip I changed Reichstag, Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer, Hackesche Höfe & Haus Schwarzenberg and (what else?) East Side Gallery. I was flooded with impressions and totally overloaded; I couldn’t get enough!

002.JPGNovember brought vernal weather and one more terror attack in Paris with coordinated suicide bombings and shootings in several districts of Paris. I picked up an information about an upcoming exhibition in Bundeskunsthalle Bonn by TV; in a report of a culture magazin they were talking about an upcoming exhibition „BundeskunstHallofFame“, which would take graffiti art to museum. OK – graffiti and museum, that makes curious – definitely. Sceptically I were gazing to have a look at it and see with my own eyes if it works – graffiti and museum. And as I was just there, I took a look at Bonn old town. November was rounded off by an exhibition in „Töchter & Söhne“ a young gallery that titles their exhibitions unpretentiously with numbers only. This was Exhibition No. III. The remaining time of September I spent commuting back and forth between Essen and Cologne Mühlheim, where CityLeaks exhibition „Strassengold“ had left the clearest traces.

343a.jpgThe year always finishes with December, and what else would be expected as snow and ice, Christmas and New Years Day; but that year’s December offered more. As Düsseldorf had got a new Hall of Fame in October, it was time to have a look at the initial supply of the walls. And my very high expectations were fulfilled in the extreme. The local graffiti writers had neither avoided cost nor effort to create a stunning impression. I almost forgot it, 30works gallery showed a solo show of MITTENIMWALD029.JPG. „Sushi Connection“ was on my agenda; this ehibition had been added to my calendar a long time ago. Later in December I finally had the occasion to have a look at Cologne Ehrenfeld, a street art hot spot with a lot of traces of former CityLeaks festivals. But one thing was clear quickly: only one visit is not nearly enough to see all those traces, neither the old nor the new ones.


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