A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 2/3)

I looked out of my sleeping room’s window in the early morning, and it’s just occurred as it was promised by the forecast; I feel for all those carnival revellers on the roads. No problem for me, because I have a hot cup of tea and reminisce in the pictures of the last year. That will make me survive this wet and ugly day. And the highlights of 2015 are still to come…

2380.JPGIn my Family, May traditionally is the month of vacation as the number of nonworking holydays is high. As it was a heart desire of my very elderly mother to make a cruise on the Danube, I decided to travel with her as an accompaniment. I started this one-week-trip on the river Danube without any hope to get street art in sight. Of course, it turned out differently. The rest of May was relatively unspectacular. Time to relax and digest the impressions of this trip.

157a.jpgJune promised to be tense. There was CHRISTEL LECHNER and her „everyday people“ in Telgte and Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Hafendampf 2015 in Essen and Hall of Fame Nordsternpark (Gelsenkirchen) was refurbished within „Extraschicht“. I tried to bring everything under one hat, but that was enough for July too, and July was still to come!

188.JPGJuly brought me to Baden Baden; I was very happy to get a ticket for Baden Baden Gala. A number of opera stars performed „The Marriage of Figaro“. And I had hoped to find remnants of JR pieces in Baden Baden, where JR had designed a number of facades as part of his exhibition „Inside Out“ in Museum Frieder Burda in 2014. I wasn’t prepared to find nothing, and the tourist board gave the laconic information that they had removed all residues, because „it didn’t look nice any longer after rain and weather“. The inventors of „Swabian Cleaning Week“ like it tidy. I was totally shocked and quit searching, accepting that there was nothing to find!  Apart from the opera evening, Baden Baden was a total flop. 158.JPGBack home, I accidentally learned that there was an interesting event to come: The South Central Cruise“ organized by photographer and chrysler enthusiast Paul Walther from Essen. Highlight was a vintage fashion show and a show of Germany’s most famous Elvis impersonator, Ronny Winters, but the stars were the cars, of course. In combination with the vintage clothes and hairstyles and not to forget the boldly performed Elvis songs, for me this was a successful event. Not to forget: a smashing Grand Torino!

051.JPGWith huge anticipation, I had awaited August and 40° Urban Art Festival in Düsseldorf. Initiator of this event in 2013 was, among others, FARBFIEBER and the driving force behind it KLAUS KLINGER, to give space and voice to artists and creative. In 2013 I just had missed this event, but visiting Düsseldorf, I stumbled upon the remnants of this festival all the time. You can find traces everywhere in Düsseldorf. In 2015 the event concept was quite different. The central Gustaf-Gründgens-Place right in the heart of the city, and an abandoned office block, played the key role this time. More than 100 national and international artists were invited to use the grounds and play for 10 heavenly days. Some other nice attractions in August merely played ancillary roles, such as 10th anniversary of STORP9, the mural done by GIGO PROPAGANDA at „Apostelkirche“ Frohnhausen and – not to forget – MADC designed a house for 44309 STREET/ART GALLERY in Dortmund.


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