A Retrospective to the Year 2015 (Part 1/3)

As the weather is persistently poor – lovely weather for Ducks – and no one would send a dog out of the house; moreover it is carnival too. I don’t know what is worse! So it would be better to stay where you are, lean back and put your feet up with a nice cup of tea and let all those Carnival revelers romp through the streets alone. The year has just started and it is a slow starter yet. So this is the occasion to have a flashback of the year 2015.


In January the offices of the French satirical newspaper CHARLIE HEBDO in Paris were scene of an islamist terrorist attack. There were many victims and „Je suis Charlie“ became the slogan by all supporters of freedom of speech and press after that. My first walk of the year 2015 has led me to Düsseldorf in these days. Meanwhile in Essen, GIGO PROPAGANDA painted a new wall at Oberschlesiestraße and I stumbled across a wall in Kupferdreh painted by all the cracks of the region.

200.JPGFebruary started well. A neighbour, who knows about my new osession, brought me a book about street art as a present. That brought me to Wuppertal and its staircases, to JR’s work and to CHRISTEL LECHNER. I should again meet her „everyday-people“ later in Telgte. February ended with a stunning group show of 30 artists in Düsseldorf. Art collective “ALL ART ALL RIGHTS” presented TURBO URBAN with Street Art, Graffiti, Paintings, Comics, Illustrations and Installations.

1242.JPGThe first Highlight of 2015 was a short trip to Hamburg in March. I wasn’t that long involved in street art, but I had heared enough about the street art location Hamburg and as I never had been there, I scoured the internet to prepare my visit. It became clear quickly, that Hamburg will be worth more than one visit only. My time was short; so I had to concentrate to a few locations only and come back again and again and again. So I chose Gängeviertel, Karoviertel and St. Pauli for my first visit. I didn’t expect so much and came back home totally flashed.

075a.jpgIn April I found a notice in a newspaper that Dortmund has got a new mural designed by MARK GMEHLING. As I knew his „HYPE“ at Dortmund-U, I hurried up to pay a visit to Dortmund’s newest mural „Brainpunch“. And because I was just there I had a look at 44309 STREET ART GALLERY which is an art gallery focussing on urban art. They frequently invite foreign guests for exhibitions. When those guests are in town, they are set free to play at gables and walls, mostly close to the gallery in Union district. Some new pieces were made in April by DEMON & THE TOP NOTCH, TELMO & MIEL and  BLEK LE RAT.

388.JPGApril ended with a trip to Stuttgart. No matter how often you’ve been there, Stuttgart never is the same again. In these times of „Stuttgart 21“ things are changing every day. But street art and graffiti flourishes. So I threw a glance to Wagenhallen with a DUST mural, walked down to northern railway station and the atelier community housed in old service train wagons. Later I had a look to the local Hall of Fame in Bad Cannstadt.


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