Wuppertal-Barmen, where Friedrich Engels meets Erika Nagel

095.JPGAn old friend called me to ask, if I would like to meet her in Wuppertal Barmen, were she will have a meeting in a photo studio next day. So we arranged to meet and spend the day together in Wuppertal, have an old fashioned cup of fresh brewed coffee and who knows what more… It was not hard to persuade me, I like Wuppertal. I love riding the suspension monorail. You calmly slide over the Wupper, past Gründerzeit facades and Art Nouveau buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, busy roads and former industrial sites. You look at that all from a bird’s-eye view, untouched from the hustle down there.

006.JPGAnd as Wuppertal has a lot of graffiti, it is always colourful and exciting, because there is always something new to discover in the streets. There were a lot of LYP pieces to be found around the monorail. I have seen the LYP-tag all over the Rhein/Ruhr-area, but the most of this pieces were tags only. In Barmen there were tags too, but the characters I found, I like the most. It seems to me that the LYP crew is native to this area. Definitely Wuppertal is a comfort zone for them.

020.JPGThe meeting at which my friend was involved lasted 30 minutes only. After it, we were set free to stroll around. On our way to find a typical of the region cafe, we surprisingly met Friedrich Engels at Engelsgarten. He didn’t have much to say, cause he was made of bronze by a chinese artist.


119.JPGThen some funny penguins, remnants of the Zoo’s 125th anniversary crossed our path. 200 cheerfully painted, 1.8 metre-high plastic penguins populate Wuppertal and the region as mascots.


033.JPGOh – by the way: Do you know the story of TUFFI the elefant? In 1950, when circus Althoff performed in Wuppertal, Tuffi, which was known as smallest and patientest trunked animal with balanced character, was transported for promotional purposes in a train of the suspension monorail. It happend the inevitable; Tuffi lost contenance, broke through the window and jumped into the Wupper near the station „Alter Markt“. And just at that spot ERIKA NAGEL painted her Tuffi at the shoreline, to commemorate this event.

Coffee ‚til darkness and a trip with the suspension monorail to Wuppertal Vohwinkel brought me back to Essen, but, to say it with Schwarzenegger: „I’ll be back“. The pictures I have taken at this walk you can find here.




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