There is a little going on „Auf der Donau“, but in Düsseldorf there is CAKE

196.JPGDo you remember, when I passed D-Völklinger Straße S in the last week, there was a wall, visible from the train’s window, tagged with „CAKE“ in a bright pink colour? It clicked in my head and a long sought piece of puzzle slid on the right place. Those candy coloured pieces of cup cakes I met all over the northern districts of Düsseldorf, but up to that moment,  I had no idea who was responsible for those tartlets. Suddenly the penny dropped: that are all pieces of CAKE! So I thought, it might be a good idea to have a closer look at D-Völklinger Straße.

059.JPGBefore taking S6 to Düsseldorf there was time enough to make a short stop at the Hall of Fame next to main station Essen. It is a short walk of a few hundred meters to „Auf der Donau“. It was nearly 6 weeks ago when I was there the last time. There were some new pieces of BRES; WCDIP had a new one there too. The most of the pieces of November had survived.  Auf der Donau

Galerie Pretty Portal; DOPPELDENK „NUMBERS“; Number

The question after my visit to Völklinger Straße was, what to do then. And as it was a clear blue sky, I walked down Volmerswerther Straße and Bachstraße to Bilk S. It seemed to be a good occasion to visit the gallery „Pretty Portal“, a gallery that focuses on Urban Art. Their current exhibition „Numbers“ shows works by DOPPELDENK. What I met on my way you can find here

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