One more Hall of Fame, some Wholecars, a Bunker & some CAKE


The001.JPG newspapers announced in March 2015 that Neuss adminstraton plan to sell the last ABC-safe shelter in Neuss. A FOR SALE Sign was placed and in September it was published, that it was sold to build new flats. So there was an urgent occasion, to take some last pictures from a mural global project from 2000. MURAL GLOBAL is an Initiative by Farbfieber e.V. (Düsseldorf) under Sponsorship of the UNESCO. Mural paintings on 5 continents – for an ecological, humane and peaceful world. In September 2000 a mural has been  painted on the walls of the Bunker, Adolf Flecken-Straße / Giehlenstraße, Neuss. It was designed by 3 artists: Serankua Thenjo aka ARTHENJO (COL), Vilnis Putarms (LVA), Thomas Uphus, (DEU, Neuss). In view of the ravages it had sufferd over time, but it is probably one of the last opportunities to see it. Bunker

020.JPGAs I just was there, I decided to take a ride by bus 489 to Kamillianerstrasse. Graffiti arists of the area and all over NRW make the walls of Konrad-Adenauer-Ring a famous Hall of Fame in Neuss. It is a short walk to it, where you can find those walls on both sides of the street. I met some old friends there: THE BAND, SHOGUN, LJDA, OLDHAUS and make friends with some new, I havn’t met before Neuss.

274.JPGIn Neuss it rained all the time, but as I took the train back to Essen, there were some sunny intervals. So it sprouted hope , that I could make a stop in Düsseldorf Derendorf, where I had seen a number of S-Bahn wagons in the track field. All those wagons were richly illustrated, and I fear, they all were waiting for the buff in the upcoming week. Wholecars


Satisfied with this day’s work I hitchd the train back to Essen. Besides the track Essen – Düsseldorf I had earlier noticed candy-coloured pieces of cup cakes. I had no idea what to do with this, but I felt amused and speculated, who could be responsible for it. Because of the pink and light colours I speculated, the writer may be a girl or a crew of girls. As I could get no information on it, I stopped thinking and just have fun with those cup cakes. Now I have found in D-Völklinger Straße the name of the writer/crew. CAKE



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