A friend complained in a subordinary clause that some of the cool graffiti at Langenberger Straße were whitewashed with a boring grey and light blue colour. That was the Wake-Up-Call of the day. OK – Let’s have a look at this wall. The last time I was there is almost exactly a year ago.  So the idea was, that a fresh prepaired wall would entail new graffi at this spot. The question was, if I would meet the same artists as last year or some others.

These questions will be answered soon, but, first of all some general: There are several legal walls in Essen.

There are some walls everyone can spray on spontaneously and without asking for permission.

  • Auf der Donau and retaining wall (across)
  • Center of the City near railwaystation / (under bridge of A 40)
  • Zollstr./Helenenstr.  / Altendorf
  • Girardetstr. 21 (Wall next to Villa Rü) Rüttenscheid
  • Volksgarten Kray next to Skatepark / Kray

Others you have to ask for permission.

  • Pedestrian/cycle path Backside of Schloss Quelle Mellis GmbH, Flurstr. 104
  • Frillendorfer Str. / A40 Essen-Ost
  • Langenberger Str. / Kupferdreh
  • Papestr. (Sound insulating wall A 40) / Holsterhausen)
  • Palmbuschweg (Stonewall)

003.JPGThe wall we are talking about is situated in Kupferdreh, where you have to ask for permission to spray on. To get there is easy. Take S9 to Wuppertal and leave the train at Kupferdreh station. Take a look around – Kupferdreh station is a graffiti hot spot. Especially the sound insulating wall of the expressway, you see from the platform, is painted over and over again. Then take bus 177 to Fahrenberg. Getting off the bus you already will smell fresh paint. I found the wall in nearly unaltered state. Most of the pieces were painted in 2013 and I had already photographed them in 2015, but a few pieces were new. Magic has painted over his own piece made in 2013 and a new one of THE TOP NOTCH has been painted over an old piece of JBCB. This wall is so nice to see; the Who’s Who of NRW writer scene is represented there (QUMI, THE TOP NOTCH, DEMON, BRICKS & DRIPS, BASH, LABOR, MAGIC…) but taking pictures is hard work. There is a pavement directly at the wall only, next to a highly used, very busy and fast, road. The other side has a small strip of grass only. It’s nearly impossible to get a good shot without danger. Essen Süd Kupferdreh

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