What to do with a free Monday

Why not go out in the morning and take an urban train to another legal wall, not as far away? The weather forecast promised a lousy day, breezy and wet, and in some parts of the country snow to come. But – not in my part of the country. It was cloudy, but dry and a bit blue. Coming out of the front door around the next corner I found the pavement mutated over night to a building site -> pedestrians please change to the other side of the street and sorry for inconveniance – This day started well!

The trip to Gladbeck  turned out to be an obstacle course. In this week all households seem to put their veteran christmas trees on the streets where the public garbage disposal pick them up – or not.

151.JPGFrom Essen it’s easy to go to Gladbeck. You first take an urban train to Gelsenkirchen Horst and change to a bus to Gladbeck Oberhof. Getting out of the train, there is no doubt, were the loyalties in Gelsenkirchen are.

To reach the target you have to pass a pedestrian tunnel near the bus terminal. Be prepared to need some more time than a „normal“ passerby. There is so much to see! I found a piece of A1ONE there and was very surprised. This tunnel (Oberhof-Tunnel links bus terminal and Schürenkampstraße) was redesigned by lokal school kids and graffiti artists in 2000. As this is a long time ago it could be updated. Oberhof-Tunnel

Leaving this first tunnel, were I spent a lot of time in, I was caught up by the forecast. Heavy rain and wind gusts accompanied me to the main attraction of the day. It was a struggle to prevent my lens from wetness and as the fight with my lens and the water was completely sure to fail, I ended the trip much too soon beeing soggy too. Schürenkamp-Tunnel


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